About us



It arises in Mexico with the designer Yereni San Martín, sheltered by an experience of family tradition with more than 30 years in the manufacture of knitted fabric.
Una de las prioridades de Chekanka es emplear y trabajar con manos mexicanas.

One of Chekanka’s priorities is to employ and work with Mexican hands.

Chekanka is inspired by pre-Hispanic, tribal and ethnic symbols, which give each one of its garments an artisanal and ancestral representation, which take you on a journey of stories through various cultures.



Create high quality textiles with original designs and
avant-garde inspired by the multiculturalism that characterizes Mexico,
preserving artisan processes that add added value to each of its
pieces, thus positioning Chekanka San as a leading Mexican company to
international level in the branches of the textile and design industry


Make Chekanka San a premium brand of international scope that rescue and enhance the best of Mexican culture for the knowledge and enjoyment of people from other latitudes


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